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Ceramic Tiles vs Natural Stone

Our first blog post is about bathrooms and how to make them special. We believe the most important choice is the floor and wall finish as it creates the atmosphere. One of our favourites is an ultimate alpine mood. Here is some of our inspiration:

Copyright: Valser Stein - Vals Stone

Copyright: Valser Stein - Vals Stone

Copyright: Global Image Creation – 7132 Hotel, Vals

Vals Stone is a favourite material at TG Studio. As it is directly hewn from the Swiss mountains, it is perfect in creating an alpine mood. It has a distinct fine-veined texture that is solid, compact and frost-resistant. The stone was created during the formation of the alps, which resulted in the unique colour mixing of quartz and felspar crystals.

Peter Zumthor has famously used it externally at The Therme Vals (pictured above) where the stone is cut in long thin tiles and is self supportingly used as cladding. For internal applications, we like using it as tiles on bathroom floors.

Natural Stone vs Ceramic Tiles

The natural product stone is historically the choice for a hard floor surface. Our ancestors used marble in palaces in Italy and slate in farmhouses in England. Later, artisans produced clay tiles in many colours and gazed these tiles to make them hard wearing. Industrialisation has made this product economically available to all. However, for many homeowners it can be difficult to choose between the two. Here’s a guide to their advantages and disadvantages.


N A T U R A L   S T O N E

A d v a n t a g e s

Unique natural product
Colder to the touch
“Brand Value”

D i s a d v a n t a g e s

More expensive
Consistent look hard to achieve as each stone is unique
Moisture sensitive – can stain
Higher installation costs

C E R A M I C   T I L E S

A d v a n t a g e s

More resilient and stain resistant meaning less maintenance
Consistent look
More economical
More formats and colours available
Exact Dimensions

D i s a d v a n t a g e s

Less “Brand Value”
Cheaper look when misselected

Our Verdict…

… It depends on the situation!

If a client wants a veined marble look and has the funds, real stone would our choice as the look and feel are unrivalled by any other material. However, if a client likes randomly textured stones like the Vals Stone but the budget or maintenance are key, our choice would be a ceramic tile such as Mystone Pietra di Vals by Marazzi.

We would love to know your thoughts and whether you prefer ceramic tiles or natural stone?!

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