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Designing A Fashion-Forward Home

When it comes to decorating, some cues can be taken from the fashion runways that will help you create a home with a strong point of view. A fashion-forward home means that the design does not always play by the typical trends, but instead stands out as an original.

To bring the catwalk home, we look at some of the following tips.


Details Matter

A fashion-forward home is more about the way we use details in such things as upholstery, drapery, and even decorative light fixtures. As with fashion, a simple, white button-down shirt can be enhanced through the use of accessories, adding unexpected detailing, or it’s juxtaposition.

Just like fashion, the details can be more subtle or more obvious, multi-layered or a mixture of fabrics, and textures.

Look for items that can be switched, whether that’s smaller art pieces or contrasting cushions on furniture. Should they look tired in a few years, they can be swapped for new pieces.


Focus on Materials and Finishes

A fashion-forward home is one where a great deal of consideration is given to materials, such as fabrics and wall finishes, and where details are abundant. The interplay between textures and sheens is the key to a successful fashion-forward interior.

Inspiration can be found everywhere, especially in fashion, combining patterns and textures to dynamic effect. The combinations of colours and the palettes created by fashion designers can be inspiring and make you more apt to take chances in your interiors.

Art and collectables should have meaning to the individual. Nevertheless, art in fashion-forward interiors is provocative and can offer a note of dissonance with the interiors around them.


Take Trends Into Consideration

Implementing fashion in the home means keeping on-trends. This could be in the way of colour – pink, Yves Klein blue, grey and yellow are all hot right now – or pattern, in small doses, such as a feature wall in a living room or headboard in a master bedroom.

Be careful to get the mix done right, sticking to one to two trends, and don’t attempt to do everything in one space.

For inspiration, look at major store window displays for how they put furniture together with clothing. Also, look at major fashion houses’ ad campaigns and runway collections.


Focus on Timeless Pieces

The look and feel of a fashion-forward home are ever-changing since it is always ahead of trends, but right now the trend is for minimally accessories, letting the main furniture pieces or light fixtures stand out as works of art. It is great to draw inspiration from fashion and have it play out with colour, wallpaper, textures, etc of the current season.

Fashion and design seem to follow each other in some aspects – incorporating patterns or the Pantone colour of the year. Looking at fashion trends can be inspiring for home design and might encourage you to consider colours and fabrics you might not normally select.

Fashion-forward homes are usually minimal and let the furniture pieces, artwork and finishes do most of the talking. Consider investing in statement pieces, such as sectionals, rugs and lighting – and leave the accessories more on the minimal side.

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