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Hotels Shortlisted For Design Award To Inspire Homeowners?

If you’ve been thinking about updating your interior home design for some time but do not know where to start, you might take inspiration from some of the most innovative hotels on the planet. To find out more, read on.

The second annual Dezeen Awards is nearly upon us, celebrating interior design across the globe. This year, 52 projects were shortlisted for the coveted prize, with 75 experts in architecture and design determining which should walk away with the accolade.

Since July, 261 projects have been whittled down to include some of the most interesting and innovative hotels around the world.

These include the Jungle Keva Hotel in Tulum, Mexico. This boutique accommodation in the heart of the jungle is unique as it has kept 70 per cent of its original vegetation, such as by using palm leaf for ceiling and natural wooden finishes. Its environmentally-friendly design could certainly fall in favour with those who want a natural, peaceful ambience in their home, as well as homeowners looking to do their bit for climate change.

Somewhere closer to home is the Radar Station in Kent. This rental property was made out of two prefabricated timber sheds that were built in 1961 and have been turned into a gorgeous one-bedroom home, with a very neutral light colour palette to compliment the coastal landscape.

Amsterdam’s SWEETS hotel might also be of interest to interior design enthusiasts. These 28 individual bridge houses were transformed into guest suites in 2012, and white walls and a modern design compliment their quaint industrial exteriors.

Perhaps the most unique hotel that Business Insider revealed made it to the impressive shortlist is the ℃ (Do-C) Gotanda hotel in Tokyo.

This accommodation, which was re-hauled in 2018, offers visitors the chance to experience a night away in a capsule in the heart of the city’s red-light district.

As well as the rather strange bedroom set up, where little capsules are lined up next to, and on top of, each other, guests can shower in the basement’s public bathrooms.

These were designed to look industrial and pared back, with metal features, grey paint and glass screens completing the interior finishes here.

While this hotel might not look it offers the most luxurious night’s sleep, guests can book in for an hour at a time, allowing them to catch up on some sleep during the day or rest between flights.

Dezeen stated the hotel was one of its favourites due to its simple but effective design update, which could inspire many homeowners looking to give their own property a change.

Maybe instead of knocking through walls and adding extensions, all we need to do is strip back to the original features, opt for an industrialised look and remove a lot of the clutter that takes over a well-lived in home.

To complete the new interior design, make sure you update simple features such as light fittings, rugs and artwork as these things alone can really transform the whole property.

The winner of the Dezeen Awards will be announced at its prize-giving ceremony on October 30th in London.

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