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How To Add Some Glamour To Your Walls

If you’re looking for a way to add a serious wow-factor to your home, there are a host of things you can do, but Homes and Property recently highlighted some of the most spectacular and exclusive options if you’re looking to make your walls into a real feature.

We’re talking about something a little more special than just fancy wallpaper. For example, a hand-painted mural could be the ideal way to customise a particular part of your home. You can commission an artist for this kind of work for around £200 per square metre, the news provider advised.

Another option is to look at the bespoke Hirondelles hand-painted wall coverings. These feature Lalique crystal swallows and dahlias and are incredibly glamorous. To take things one step further, the company has also collaborated with Damien Hirst – a Lalique crystal wall panel that’s designed and signed by the artist featuring a butterfly will set you back £13,500.

Or if you have a favourite painting that you’d like to see larger than life on one of the walls in your home you could explore the collaboration between The National Gallery and retailer Andrew Martin.

Any of the paintings that are part of the gallery’s permanent collection can be digitally reproduced as a wall covering.

Not sure of the best way to revamp your home? Get in touch with an interior designer in London to get some more suggestions that are tailored to your property.

As well as incorporating some stunning wallpaper into your home, you may also want to revamp it using one of the colours of the moment. Behr recently announced that its colour of the year for 2020 is a green shade called Back to Nature.


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