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How To Incorporate Vintage Design Into Your Interiors

You can’t escape the growing popularity of vintage items. The idea of reusing things is having a big resurgence and there are plenty of ways in which you can incorporate vintage pieces into your home’s decor.

Keeley Harris, a vintage enthusiast who runs the Festival of Vintage event at York Racecourse every year, as well as many other smaller events, has been talking to Yorkshire Life about why she feels that vintage items are so popular.

“Personally, I really enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that someone loved a piece as much as I did when I bought it – giving it a different setting instead of letting it gather dust in a corner or be thrown away,” she said.

Ms Harris explained that, broadly, vintage is defined as anything from the 1920s to the 1970s, although she stressed that not everything from these decades represents good design, and that people only want the pieces with good designs in their homes.

She also revealed that Art Deco and Mid-Century are the two main vintage interiors trends that are popular at the moment. If you’re looking for luxury in your interiors, Art Deco is a great choice, as Ms Harris explained.

“There is the Hollywood glamour of the Art Deco period (1920s/30s) with its luxe wallpaper, chrome light fittings and velvet and animal print textiles along with furniture made of exotic woods,” she stated.

But she also stressed that, when it comes to vintage, you don’t have to replicate a whole era with your decor and can instead just incorporate one or two statement pieces that you’ve fallen in love with.

“The secret is to buy what you really love and what works for you and your space. You can mix and match eras if you want to; there are no strict rules,” she said.

If you aren’t sure where to begin but know that there are one or two items you love, you could get help from luxury interior designers who can use these pieces as a basis for designing the decor of a room or indeed your entire home.

Introducing pieces that have come from your parents’ or even your grandparents’ homes can be a lovely way to not only stay on top of the latest interior trends, but also to introduce some personality and history to your home.

Anyone who’s particularly enamoured with the historical side of interiors may prefer to go beyond vintage and instead focus on introducing antiques.

Lucy Barlow, an interior designer, recently told Harper’s Bazaar where the best antique markets in London are if you’re looking for items for your home.

For vintage furniture and rugs, the Sunbury Antiques Market is the place to go, but she recommends arriving early (when it opens at 6.30am) if you want to get your hands on the best pieces.

Alfies Antiques Market is another must-visit if you’re looking for some antique pieces for your home. This store is open from Tuesday to Saturday every week and there’s everything from furniture to ceramics inside.

If you’re looking for ceramics or glassware, or generally smaller antique items to add finishing touches to your home, meanwhile, Ms Barlow’s tip is to visit the Alexandra Palace Antiques and Collectors Fair on one of the four Sundays it runs throughout the year. It’s also a good place to find paintings, she added.

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