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Jazz Age Interior Design: A Quick Guide

The Art Deco look is one that will never truly die away, whether it’s in fashion, architecture or interior design. It’s simply so stylish and timeless that it will likely still be going strong in a few hundred years… so if you’re keen to adopt a look for your home that means you won’t want to redecorate again in a few months’ time, a Jazz Age aesthetic could well be the way to go.

If you want to find out more about Art Deco architecture, you might find Elain Harwood’s Art Deco Britain book of great interest, published earlier this month (October). It starts off with an overview of the international style, which influenced architecture and design all over the world during the 20s and 30s, showcasing in particular how British building design was affected by the look.

Buildings featured include the likes of houses and flats, churches, public buildings, industrial premises, cinemas, shops, showrooms, cafes and more – so no matter what interior design project you have planned, whether it’s domestic or commercial, you’re sure to come away with a few ideas you can take to your London interior design studio to discuss.

But if you’re keen to get started with your research right away, here are a few top tips from us here at TG Studio to help you discover some of the best ways to achieve an Art Deco look at home or work right now. Enjoy!


Think texture

Don’t worry about going overboard when mixing and matching different textures for your living spaces – Art Deco design is all about extravagance in this regard. Bring in the likes of timber, velvet, silk, gold, metallics, mirrors, marble… and don’t be shy! If done carefully, you’ll find that the end result is something beautiful and sophisticated, and the envy of all your friends and family.


Go back to school with geometry

Geometric shapes and patterns were all the rage during the Jazz Age and this is a very quick and easy way for you to adopt the look for yourself. What about putting up some bold geometric wallpaper somewhere to see how it feels? Don’t be afraid to mix and match your patterns and shapes… when done properly, this creates a truly opulent look to a room that will continue to impress as the years pass.


Metallic pops

While you might not be a fan of over-the-top metallics in your living spaces, they can really help bring a room to life – especially if you’ve gone for a darker colour scheme. You could go for wallpaper or carpeting with a hint of gold or brass here or there, or perhaps invest in some metallic chairs or lamps to accessorise the space and give you glints of light as you move around the room.


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