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What to Consider For Your Yacht In 2020

Like every other design feature in our lives, the interior decor and design of our yachts has it’s own trends for the coming year. Here we list some of the features and design elements you may want to consider when updating your home away from home. Yacht interior design needs as much attention to detail as your home.

The worldwide concern for sustainability, both in business and domestic sectors, has trends for the coming year searching for new materials for yachts, interiors and exteriors included. As well as managing our limited resources, there is concern for marine health and ocean conservation, with initiatives to produce plastic-free charters, and reduce the impact luxury boats have on the environment.

Wellness features are to be a major highlight, with yachts creating a mini resort on board, with spas, gyms, and entertainment. Dutch builder Feadship’s new 75 metre superyacht Arrow comes with a sun deck bespoke jacuzzi, as well an aft beach club and bar. Integrating technology such as bluetooth localisation and 4K cinema projectors will integrate with most modern yacht’s own tech.

There will be a continuation in the softening of corners of interiors, and furnishings with curvy shapes, and organic rounded edges. This can be combined with the predicted trend for leather accents and accessories with furniture, keeping quite minimal to avoid an overload of leather in one space.

Similar to interior trends for homes, black finishes are set to be big in 2020. Black equates to bold elegance and luxury, whether it is applied to furniture, trendy fittings and details. Black is the new black.

Incorporating more glass, especially in walls will be a upcoming design feature, to promote the feeling of wider, more open spaces. It will be in perfect harmony with any contemporary interior design, with designs moving towards bold and daring glass superstructures, giving a new perspective in yachting.

There will always be a requirement for modern advanced lighting, to create atmosphere and intimacy, creating unique spaces and personality to the yacht. Sophisticated lighting systems throughout will ensure your yacht remains the ultimate holiday home.

If international luxury interior design for your home and yacht is what you’re seeking, get in contact with our experts today.

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